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Many online retailers offer Valorant Gift Cards at different denominations, which can be redeemed for Valorant Points. Valorant Gift Card – 280 Valorant Points is a card that unlocks an in-game currency in Valorant. With that currency, you can buy weapon skins or unlock new agents. You can either use the card for yourself or gift it to your friend.

And one of the key features that makes Valorant so popular is its in-game currency, Valorant Points. For older agents that players still don’t have unlocked, they can also go back and unlock those agents with either Kingdom Credits or VP. Like in the past, though, there are other methods of unlocking new agents.

But as mentioned before, one will pay more using this third-party method. This website was suggested by the official South Asian, and Indian Valorant handle on Twitter. Complete the checkout process safely and quickly with a choice of more than 70 payment methods. Obtaining free Valorant Points is not possible, and any claims or offers of free VP are most likely scams or fraudulent. The only legitimate way to obtain VP is by purchasing them with real money. But all that changes in Episode Seven with agent recruitment events.

Unlike Valorant Points , players will be able to earn Kingdom Points in Valorant without spending a dime. They are given to players for free at the end of each game, with additional points being rewarded for better performance, match victories, and the first win of the day. Please select a payment channel for Indian users can pick up UPI apps, including Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, and the official BHIP app. AFK Gaming is your go-to destination for quality esports content. Our writers strive to provide accurate, trustworthy and timely esports news, gaming guides, player interviews, tournament coverage and original stories from around the world.

When a new agent is released, the agent recruitment event will automatically activate for all players. This free event pass will activate the day the agent is released and players will unlock the new agent after reaching a certain amount of XP . VALORANT is taking away some of the manual steps needed to unlock new agents via a new progression system that will feature “agent recruitment events” launching with the start of Episode Seven later this month. Stay updated with the latest news in gaming and esports by signing up forearly access to TalkEsport’s Mobile App. Follow us onTwitterandGoogle Newsto ensure you never miss the exciting updates. One of the most exciting additions of the Valorant Episode 7 update is Valorant Kingdom Points, the newest form of in-game currency in Valorant.

Reload your account with VALORANT points 24/7 instantly with one of our 72 safe payment methods, such as PayPal. Upgrade your character with new skins, ultra powerful armor or even Radianite Points. Your VALORANT Riot Points code will be delivered on your screen and to your email within seconds. Reload your account with VALORANT points 24/7 instantly with one of our 71 safe payment methods, such as PayPal. Valorant Points can be used to purchase a variety of in-game items, such as character skins, gun skins, player cards, sprays, and more. These items not only make your gameplay more exciting and enjoyable but also add a personal touch to your gaming experience.

Many online retailers offer Valorant Points at different denominations, which can be redeemed for VP. This is an excellent option for players who do not want to link their payment information to their Riot Games account or for those who prefer to use gift cards instead of credit cards. When you buy vp, you will receive a code that can be redeemed for Valorant Points. Once you enter the code on the Valorant website, the VP will be added to your account. Another way to buy VALORANT Gift Card is through various online retailers.

This inconvenience has caused many fans to rage over the developers as players cannot purchase their desired items and cosmetics in-game. With the new Oni 2.0 bundle also rolling out in Episode 6 Act 2, fans are heartbroken to face this issue. There are currently three payment methods acceptable for Valorant Points in India in-game. In terms of gameplay, Valorant is very similar to the well-known FPS Shooter Counter-Strike, where two teams of attackers and defenders face each other in a battle of death. Valorant though is a character-based shooter and each character has some special abilities that can determine what will happen on the battlefield.

You can buy Valorant Points directly from the game’s official website or through various online retailers. To purchase VP from the game’s website, you need to have a Riot Games account and a payment method linked to your account. Once you have these set up, you can simply navigate to the VP section of the website and select the amount of VP you want to purchase.

Another way to purchase Valorant Points is through the use of a Valorant Gift Card EU Prepaid. This gift card can be used by players in the European Union to purchase Valorant Points, and it is an easy and convenient way to get in-game currency. With a Valorant Gift Card EU Prepaid, you can avoid the hassle of entering your payment information every time you want to buy VP. Instead, you can simply redeem the gift card code, and the Valorant Points will be added to your account.

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