KTEL buses of Paros bus schedule

Probably the most famous beach on the island is Kolymbithres. Kolymbithres means swimming pools, alluding to the small coves divided by huge granite rocks. This lovely beach is ideal for families with children because of the soft sand and shallow waters.

To get to Naoussa from Parikia, we suggest using the cheapest, and potentially easiest option; the local paros bus schedule. The town itself is 10km from the Island’s capital, Parikia. Parikia is the main port of Paros Island, and where all arrivals start their adventures.

Renting a vehicle is ideally the best way to go because you have the freedom to explore the beaches that public transportation doesn’t reach. The island has a good road network with comfortable roads. Keep in mind that due to increased tourist traffic, finding a parking spot can be quite challenging. TIP | Buses to Naoussa fill up extremely quickly, especially when you arrive via ferry. For this reason, we suggest trying to be one of the first people off the ferry (a tough ask, we know!) and making your way to the bus station immediately.

Clubs with loud music where you can dance all night are located on top of the village. Crete is the largest Greek island and among the largest in the Mediterranean sea. During the summer, there is a regular connection from Parikia port to Heraklion on Crete. Most of the bars, taverns, and markets on the island are in Chora. One of the main sights of the island, the Venetian castle surrounded by a fortress is also located in Chora. Don’t confuse Pounda Bay beach and Pounda beach with the famous beach bar on the east side of the island!

The validation of the tickets inside the bus is obligatory. Passengers that have no validated tickets, will be fined ten times the price of the normal ticket. TIP | We highly recommend booking a car prior to arriving on the Paros, as there is limited supply (it’s an island after all!) and cars book out very quickly in summer. The Feast of the Virgin Mary on the 15th of August is another spectacle organized on the island. This event is synonymous with the Ekatontapiliani church, where thousands of devout Christians gather. Visit here www.lostvoyager.com to know more about bus timings.

Both Athens’ ports, Piraeus and Rafina offer ferry departures for Paros, so you can choose between the two. Paros ferry port in Parikia is well connected to other islands of the Cyclades archipelago and Athens. Don’t worry, Paros is quite easy to reach by plane or by ferry. There are regular and daily connections from Athens and other islands to Paros. Nonetheless, if you plan on exploring the backcountry regions and low-profile villages, renting a car is recommended.

You will find the taxi ranks in Parikia, at the port and at the square of Naoussa. To rent an automobile, motorcycle, scooter, quad, bicycle or inflatable vessel, please consult the Business and Professional Directory of Antiparos. For digital nomads | SafetyWing – COVID-19 coverage, comprehensive travel & medical, and policies can be purchased while already abroad. For those on a budget, hiring an ATV or scooter might be a better option to explore Paros. The quaint fishing village of Naoussa is located to the northeast of Paros Island, in the Cycladic Archipelago, Greece.

This beautiful island is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world for a reason. You can find evidence of its activity in hot springs on the island. This strange and unique beach is often considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Besides the natural beauty, bars can be found on the way to the beach. You can also rent sunbeds and umbrellas on some parts of the beach. On the southern part of the island, near Aliki village, is the beautiful Fargas beach.

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