What Is Residential Security?

We partner with our customers to create security solutions that are customized, comprehensive and affordable. When you decide to work with Off Duty Officers, your security becomes our greatest concern. We are more than happy to consider your specific requirements and always take into account the location, the potential risks and the service duties required. Our experienced residential security experts will produce a tailor made solution that meets your specific circumstances. ‘Meet and Greet’ service – our residential security services will escort you from your car to your doorstep. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their unique requirements and design a tailored security solution that meets all of their needs.

All security lighting faces outwards and the open grounds make an effective killing ground giving the intruder no place to hide. Consideration must be given to vulnerability to the introduction of Explosive or Electronic Devices . This must be prevented and appropriate searches and sweeps should be executed at regular intervals. In addition, every effort must be taken to ensure the Principal’s security and privacy is achieved and maintained. Get peace of mind knowing all that’s dear to you is protected by the professionals of Securitas. Vigilance – They need to be able to identify potential threats to security, gauge the seriousness of the situation, and devise the best course of action to mitigate them.

Some clients of security companies may have multiple properties in and around London or across the world. However, the properties may not always have permanent household staff in residence. Nevertheless, the general concept of the RST providing property protection remains the same. In the unfortunate event of an emergency, residential security guards can serve as first responders to any unusual or dangerous incident.

No-one should ever be made to feel at risk or vulnerable in their own home; however reasons such as wealth or fame attracts a certain level of threat and so they do. Residential security patrols also serve to enforce community rules and regulations that are meant to keep your residents safe. Security personnel can monitor traffic and parking controls, identify suspicious behavior and enforce noise ordinances. An unarmed or armed residential security agent would conduct regular road and foot patrols.

An effective residential security program should include on-site, professional security guards. The guards at Off Duty Officers understand the most pressing threats against a residential community and its residents. Our armed and unarmed guards know the importance of learning the unique characteristics of your property, buildings and residents. We work with you to consider these factors and develop a plan for identifying and mitigating safety risks. We are the leading provider of security solutions for Residential Communities throughout North America. We understand the concerns and challenges you expect from a residential security services provider.

Bodyguard service London– designed to provide around the clock assurance that the personal safety of high-profile individuals or public figures. Fully licenced and insured – Our residential security London guards are all SIA approved, ISO accredited, fully insured and subject to extensive background checks. Mobile security patrols London – On-foot or security marked vehicle patrols, subject to budget and requirements. Whether you’re located near our main office in Mentor, on the West Side of Cleveland, Downtown Proper, or as far south as Akron, we have all your security needs covered.

I thank your close protection team for always making us feel safe and reassured. Intrepid provided the highest quality and professional security services that I have worked with. Here at Stratis Security we are fully licensed with the Security Industry Authority and all our residential security team members have a strong background in the security industry. Protection of a residence is a frontline defence and deterrent as either part of an executive protection security package, or as a stand-alone service.

Our solutions are competitively priced, flexible, adaptable and tailored to provide high quality response to the task at hand. Our residential security London team are experienced, vigilant and highly groomed. They perform a multitude of security tasks and service duties according to your needs. Our residential security service strikes the right balance between being extremely welcoming, friendly and accommodating, and keeping residents and property safe. Manned guarding – Plain clothed or uniformedguards keeping your residents, property and assets safe and protected with around-the-clock monitoring and surveillance. Commercial access control systems can be used to control access to specific areas within a building.

Contact us today for a free consultation to decide if home security is right for you. We cater to all residential property, from houses to apartment buildings, gated communities, and any other residential living spaces. We well know these are all subject to the same hazards of break-ins, assaults, theft of goods, vandalism, and burglaries.

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