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Plus, there are two side tables, one of which can be folded down. The Weber Spirit is the perfect entry into the world of gas barbecues. The Weber Spirit delivers brilliant performance in a lightweight package.

The Q series include the Weber Q2200 and the weber gas bbq. A popular favourite and top recommendation is the Weber Q2200 Barbecue as it is small enough for easy storage and folds away nicely while also being big enough to cook for 6 to eight people. If you want to use a wood pellet grill, you’ll definitely get great-tasting food, though you’ll have to plan in advance to have pellets on hand. Since wood pellet grills work by indirect heat, you’ll be able to smoke food as well, without any accessories. You will need to make sure there’s an electric outlet nearby since most need to be plugged-in for the ignition and the auger. If you know that you’ll be cooking multiple different types of food or meats, you might also need to consider multiple burners on a larger grill.

Our tester said its performance, advanced design features, and warranty make this “”worth the splurge.”” Whether they use propane or natural gas, have two burners or six, large Weber outdoor grills are perfect for backyard BBQs to cater to your friends and family. Make sure to shop Weber grill covers and Weber cleaners to keep your gas Weber grill in top shape all year long. The best-selling Spirit series of gas grills are back with more to love! Designed to kick-start your love of gas grilling, choose from two to three burners, with unique features, such as Sear Station and Side Burner.

The immense space and sear station will cook as many steaks as you need to perfection, while the side burner sautes veggies. This kettle grill has a 22-inch diameter, and can hold up to 13 burgers at a time on its 363 square inches of cooking space. The lid and bowl of the grill are porcelain-enameled for superior heat retention, and the lid has a built-in thermometer and aluminum dampers.

In 1952, George Stephen took his love for barbecue – along with his passion for the perfect grilled steak – and combined them with a revolutionary grill design inspired by the shape of a buoy. This gave birth to widespread enthusiasm for the kettle grill and the start of what would become the world’s leading barbecue brand. The perfect grill experience starts with the right accessories.

Enjoy a crisp morning in your backyard while the family sleeps in, and a rich aroma of breakfast infuses the air, courtesy of your favourite grill companion. The Q2000 gas barbecue with stand is by your side through breakfast, lunch, and dinner – and every snack in between. Weber’s signature gas barbecues now come in a new sleek design! Brand new for 2022, the Weber Genesis SX-325S contains everything you need in a barbecue. Then, completely open the propane tank’s valve slowly and pause to allow time for the gas to travel through the gas line. You should hear and see each burner ignite after you’ve done that.

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