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As a proud Indigenous man, my career began with years of study across a broad range of qualifications. In 2017, I completed my Bachelor of Business with Latrobe University and have since studied a master’s in marketing. Claystone Marketing is an Indigenous marketing agency that creates social and economic value through our continuous support in empowering and growing the Indigenous business sector. Do your homework, find out what customers are willing to pay for your product or service, another way you can do this is through the use of surveys. Have you considered online applications as a place in your marketing mix.

Considering the two restaurants above, both would want to be in a location where they can reach many potential customers. For example, let’s say it is Friday night and I am a food customer looking for a meal. I would begin by searching online for a restaurant near where I live, so that I would not have to drive too far. Through this micro research process I am more than likely to look for a restaurant close to my proximity.

Let’s look at each element by okslides.com 6ps of marketing and how you can use them to increase your sales. Before you sign up with any Social Media platform, do your homework and find out if the platform is relevant to your kind of industry, product or service. Product – The actual product or service you wish to exchange for currency. This is the kind of expertise that any company can benefit from, no matter how far along they are in transforming their marketing processes. In the right markets, free range eggs can fetch a much higher price than the commodity eggs that come from a factory hen house.

Key components also include parking, access to public transportation, sign location, proximity to competitors and anchor tenants. Most businesses use a mix of advertising, personal selling, referrals, sales promotion and public relations. The pricing strategy of Herbaline is focusing on setting a stress-free strategy, where the company offers affordable and valuable pricing for the customers. The “stress-free pricing” strategy of Herbaline, is able to win the market share based on their strategy pricing, as their price is intent lower than most of the competitors. In Internet Marketing, you can use any of the methods of social media, email, blogging, etc. For the promotion of your business, you have to devise a proper Internet proper marketing strategy.

Furthermore, the company chooses not to approach the common industry practice, such as having customers pay the up-front payment for designed packaged treatment. Presenters can list these details to prepare a comprehensive marketing plan template. The following slide also has a similar design and structure but varies for the tag lines in each rectangular segment. Here, users can mention further details of each marketing P according to their plan. The last slide of this template has three infographic diagrams for presentation points (one of the 6P’s).

Today, it is very easy to start a business by spending money, but it is difficult to attract people to it. Marketing and promotion are the things through which one can make products and services accessible to people and inform people about them. Although there are many ways of marketing available, one needs to choose the right one by looking at the size and type of business.

You should set your price with consideration of the position you have chosen in your market. Try to understand that the low-end restaurant, in this case will be targeting customers that are willing to pay for a low-end priced meal. For the high-end restaurant owner they will set a high-end price, selling high end meals directly to customers who are willing to spend. The low end restaurant is targeting different customer segments in comparison to the high end restaurant. Customer segmentation is the practice of dividing a customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to marketing.

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