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It has a seat belt and can be operated manually or with a remote control. The vehicle also has an adjustable seat belt and comes with a built-in MP3 player. It has a USB port, allowing you to play music and play games. This battery-powered ride-on is made of durable plastic. It is non-toxic and designed for kids of two and three-year-olds.

Re-installed the gearbox and it worked perfectly. Took the body off to check for broken or cut wires and checked the motors replaced one and a new battery. You can cut off the connectors one leads from the battery and connects to the vehicle connector.

My husband also had to figure out his own way to attach the steering wheel because that part didn’t come either. Our vehicle didn’t match up with the directions very well either, there were extra pieces my husband had to put on that should have already been in place. My husband thinks maybe we received a returned product and the previous buyer took these pieces off in order to fit the product in the return box. I don’t know for sure, but I can say I am SO DISAPPOINTED with the quality of the items sent and regret this purchase. We are currently snowed in, but I will try and update later with information on battery life and if the customer service ever replies.

You may return this product for a full refund within 30 days of receiving it. On OveReview, you can find a legitimate product review for over 2,000,000 products! Thanks to our advanced Artificial Intelligence tools, each product receives its unique score, to help you buy the best products for your needs. The seller has not specified a shipping method to India.

The biggest problem after batteries going bad is shorted switches, The main problem is these ride ons are not waterproof, if they are washed or rained on they won’t drain properly. Even if you have a brand new ride on the biggest tip I can give is drill drain holes. Under pedal switch gear switch speed switch even the battery compartment. There are many new models coming out that have working lights wired radio and remote controls.

The connections on the control board seemed OK too. I didn’t put a meter on anything, just a visual check. I might try swapping the receiver out of the old ride on with the new one if all the connectors are the same and see if that works. Had a customer bring in a Power Wheels tank and the steering wasn’t working. There is a bad design where the steering motherboard was located, the manufacturer sent out new motherboards. After charging the motherboard the steering still didn’t work.

Recalls and warranty fixes are common with these rigorously enjoyed toys. Coin operated games offer a great source of entertainment for leisure time, whether it’s on holidays or simply for some weekend fun. At we have thousands of listings of kids jeep games products for your arcade, casino, entertainment centre, leisure facility, hotel, bar, restaurant or store.

But that doesn’t mean you have to use their batteries, you can undo the casing and remove the plug connections. Some times the clips are soldered on but not every time. You can take them apart and reuse the plugs, just identify the positive and negative cables.

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